About Richard

I began painting over thirty years ago and for a long time used only watercolours. I now however also like to use pastels to bring out tones and depth of colour, and in the spring and summer I also make use of oils while painting in my outdoor studio.

I find Dartmoor - and the River Dart in particular - very compelling as a source of inspiration and my favourite spots there include Haytor, Hound Tor, Saddle Tor and Top Tor as well as the bridges at Postbridge, New Bridge, Holne, and Totnes. However I also enjoy painting coastal scenes around Devon, Cornwall and Brittany.

When it comes to inspiration from other artists, I am particularly inspired by the impressionist painters Sisley and Monet, who excelled at maintaining just the right balance between simplicity and enough detail. This style is something that continues to fascinate me and what I attempt to emulate in my own work.

Updated August 2016